Thursday, January 11

1-2-3 Paint!

I just love this Paint By Numbers dining room* gallery posted by midcenturyjo, originally found in Australian Vogue Living. Makes me want to start painting, right now.

*and some pretty sweet chairs, too.


midcenturyjo said...

Don't you find the new flikr group Rooms I *Heart* sooooo addictive (as you can tell by the size of my photostream). Holly comes up with such brilliant ideas. Wish completed paint by numbers were easy to find here. And enough said about midcentury furniture!!

Anna said...

I have just added a link on my blog to your site. I love it! I will visit regularly.


kiminottawa said...

I did a paint by numbers for my living room pic wall (it must have been 8x10) and it probably took me 40 hours to do. SO TEDIOUS. But once I start something I have to finish, otherwise I would have tore it up after the 5th hour. I pratically went blind trying to read the numbers. I adore this pic from MCJ tho'! Those chairs are fabulous!

kayte said...

i just joined the "rooms i heart" flickr group too! i love it!
i have a paint by numbers collection in my living room but it's not nearly this big!

sfgirlbybay said...

'rooms i heart' is a good one - lots of inspiration! although, i love so many looks i feel like i'm having an identity crisis!

thanks anna! i checked out your blog, too. it's great! i love getting an aussie point of view. :)

kayte - i hope you post a pic of your gallery - would love to see it!