Wednesday, January 10

Feeling pretty righteous!

I was checking out the always fabulous design*sponge today, as per my usual routine, and Grace was featuring this amazing credenza from sputnik modern. It was so cool, I had to take a longer look around their online shop to view their latest vintage modern inventory. And then my-oh-my, lo and behold there was a set of two cantilever cane armchairs and these four side chairs designed by one of the founding fathers of Modernism, Mies van der Rohe.

Now granted these chairs are manufactured by Stendig and in perfect condition. And I have no idea who the manufacturer of my slightly imperfect cantilever chairs are, but their list price was $2800 for the two armchairs and the four side chairs. My list price via craigslist was $35 for all four of my side chairs. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about this. Pretty darn righteous. One might even say, bitchen! Because while sputnik modern is definitely an amazing source for valuable and rare collectors pieces when you can really afford to invest in good furniture, I just love craigslist for the instant gratification you can get when you really score.


Leah said...

Excellent scores, Victoria! And I'm still lusting after the gorgeous Danish armchairs you snagged awhile back.

I often find myself feeling perplexed about (and even annoyed by) these shops and online dealers who charge thousands of dollars for things I see on craigslist all the time for a fraction of the price. Sure, they're probably in mint condition and their provenance is likely more assured, but still ...

I'm also a huge fan of eBay, even for furniture. I've purchased tons of wonderful things on the site:8x10 flokati rugs, vintage lamps and chandeliers, a gorgeous burled walnut credenza, a mirrored Hollywood Regency table, a set of dining room chairs, a pair of Danish modern armchairs (not as nice as yours, though!) with a matching console table, Thomas Paul pillows (for $18 each!), etc.

Even with shipping/freighting charges, they're still amazing bargains (Greyhound is a super-cheap way to send large items cross-country, for instance) -- and the selection at any given time is nothing short of mindblowing. (If anyone's interested, I wrote guide to home shopping on eBay for awhile back:,,HGTV_22056_46903,00.html)

Anyway, glad to see you back online!


sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks for the great link Leah! And I'm quite happy to be back!

kate (pm) said...

I still love this table/chair combination!