Friday, January 19

Life's a Bowl of Cherries.

Cherries is this cute little neighborhood florist that I love to drop into whenever I pass by, just to be inspired. It's really quaint, with black & white striped awnings, always some funky piece of vintage furniture parked on the sidewalk outside and an abundance of beautiful flowers overflowing from tins, vases and other unique vessels. Located in Russian Hill, at the north end of Polk Street, just beyond the cluster of boutiques from Broadway to Filbert, it's a couple of blocks off the beaten path, but well worth a stroll over.

They offer delivery sevice, pull together wedding flowers, gorgeous centerpieces for parties, and a much more than average bouquet of flowers to treat yourself to. They also have complimentary consultations to discuss flowers and décor for any special event. It's just a really great local San Francisco mom & pop type shop - the kind I like to frequent (and support) the most.

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