Monday, February 19


Today's Daily Candy update was genius. One of those "why didn't I think of that" items. It's the Cupcake Courier designed by mother of two, Jennifer Gunn, from Southern California. One would assume she has had plenty of experience attempting to transport the delicate little gems to her children's soirees and school events, and it shows!

The Cupcake Courier is a rectangular, translucent plastic container that holds three stackable cupcake trays. Each tray has 12 deep cups to hold each cupcake secure. It's also great for storing cupcakes and keeping them fresh. Its three trays can also be removed, and this cool little unit can double as a cake courier. The Cupcake Courier is available in a translucent, soft blue sky color, with hopefully some fun party pinks to come.

Oh, and for us singletons on the go, there's always these individual carriers made just for one. Sweet.



My wife bought something similar to this but it was only 2 tiers and she got it at WalMart. I think it was by Rubbermaid but I know we used it once and it worked pretty well.

cindy@staged4more said...


actually i think i saw these at wal-mart recently... pretty nifty thing.



Anonymous said...

I saw this on Jenna Fischer's (Pam from the Office) myspace. Her cousin-in-law invented it! She mentioned they were selling them on QVC at one point.