Saturday, February 24

Man Meets Nature.

As an art buyer, I have the lucky job of looking at amazingly talented artists' work everyday. Part of my job is reviewing new work by photographers from all over the world. I get sent a lot of promo cards with great photography, review portfolios and seek new work online whenever I have the time. I was checking out one of my favorite San Francisco reps, Heather Elder's site at some of her talented pool of photographers' work and I came upon Ann Elliott Cutting. She's an L.A. based photographer and I just loved her vintage modern interiors and the strange juxtaposition of man meets wild kingdom. Just for fun and perhaps some inspiration, take a look.

Should you be looking for some great photographers, check out Heather Elder Represents and contact Heather or Lauranne - they're a terrific resource.

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frances said...

wow! i love her work!