Thursday, July 19

Domino's Not-So-Little Black Book.

Domino magazine's August issue is dedicated to just about everything you ever wanted to know about decorating from their panel of A-list designers, architects and stylists. Sounds like fun, and lots of eye candy. The panel answered a slew of design and decorating questions to create Domino's 2007 Best of Decorating issue, one you'll probably want to keep around in your design archives. Although, you know me, I'll be cutting and pasting all this knowledge into my own little black book, my inspiration books.

They've organized resources by city, like Hollyhock in Los Angeles, and Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen (although, I don't see San Francisco on the website, so feel free to check sfgirlbybay for sources). Also efficiently listed resources by furniture type, paint, 'how to hang art', lighting and insider solutions and finishing touches. They've also included a sourcebook of stores and manufacturers consistently relied upon by their expert panelists. Even some Domino Don'ts - those are always fun. I'll be checking my mailbox daily for the August issue!

Hollyhock in Los Angeles.

Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen.


katiedid said...

I am in love with the Robs-John Gibbings dining table! I was toying with the idea of having something similiar made for moi! Great post.

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

This was a great issue, I've been carrying it around with me. I loved how the designers all had a differnt opinion on the amount a drape should touch the floor.

franki durbin said...

domino always adds a punch of fun to my mailbox. i only wish all of my magazines came with stickers for marking pages! LOL!