Sunday, July 15

Megan's Route 66 Thrift.

My friend Megan came into work last week wearing this cute little vintage dress. We swooned. Just the collar on it alone, but then the great print. And the cute yellow belt she added for flair. This girl knows her complimentary colors! She picked it up on a road trip with her boyfriend, cross country on Route 66. A sign advertising 5¢ Pop caught their eye, so they hit the brakes and pulled the car on over. Low and behold, they discovered a ton of vintage treasures tucked in amongst the soda pop. So, with a story that fun, I decided to snap some pix, and see if I could turn Megan's dress into a room. Let's see, shall we?

Let's start with this fantastic mid-century modern credenza, and Amy Solovay's Twiggy Pop painting.

And across the room, this flagstone & fireplace with a great sofa with a great geometric, Missoni-like pattern like this sitting in front of it.

Off across the room, in a dining nook, the Hans Olsen Rojle dining set below could look great, too.

Perhaps we'll paint the one of the walls as an accent, this lovely shade of purple (from Melissa Mcgee) and add that cool orange chair with the fabulous Nelson Lamps and modern art abstract painting.

Da-dah! Route 66 thrifted dress transformed into modern pop-art pad. Road trips are always good for stirring the imagination. Thanks Megan!


Anna at D16 said...

Pssst...I think you mean Missoni, not Moschino. :)

I covet Megan's dress. It doesn't hurt that she's beautiful to begin with, of course!

sfgirlbybay said...

anna - you are too right! it was late last night and i actually had written missoni and then thought I was wrong! thanks for the correction!

annechovie said...

HI! I love your blog. I think that the purple and orange would be smashing together.... and unexpected combo, but gorgeous!

beachbungalow8 said...

that's great. i love it v.! i still want to do a room based on a new orlean's coffee can. super idea.

Tracey said...

I may be wrong but I think the pendant lights are George Nelson not Noguchi. I am thinking of buying one of his Bubble or Pear ones myself because they are so beautiful. I love reading your blog -- it's inspiring. Thank you. Tracey