Thursday, July 19

Mr. Suicide.

One thing you may, or may not, know about me, is that I have a rather twisted sense of humor. So I hope no one will take offense when I share with you one of my favorite 'things' in life, Mr. Suicide. I picked up my dear Mr. Suicide on a trip to London whilst shopping in Harrod's with my friend Casey. We both bought one (mine's the pink guy), because, blimey, we couldn't stop laughing at the absurd little bath plug. Mr. Suicide is designed by Massimo Giacon for Alessi, so he's not just any old dead guy - he's an Italian designer dead guy. My heart just sings when my bath is full and Mr. Suicide floats to the top of the tub with his little x's for eyes and a big old grimace peaking through the bubbly soap suds. It's the giggle that just keeps on giving.


Catherine said...

That is fantastic! Alessi are amazing, I am a fan of their Gianni jars, I haven't seen Mr Suicide before, definitely good bath time entertainment!

Jon King said...

This is great... I am always blown away by the thought that goes into making something like this so effective.... like the little Alessi magic bunny toothpick dispenser. How do they come up with this stuff? And better yet, have the guts to fund the tooling and get it to market?