Thursday, September 27

Babushkas Are The New Black.

Well, actually I think maybe Babushkas are the new deer or the new birds, but you get my meaning. Woodland creatures could be on their way out. Wooden dolls, in! Babushka this, babushka that. I'm seeing these these traditional Russian nesting dolls everywhere! Even fashion mavens are learning to tie their very own babushka! I think it might be someones idea of peasant-chic and a modern take on the 'get back to handmade' that has become so popular.

This is a lovely, handmade linen doll and sweet Ingrid Painting
(above right) and Ines Painting from etsy shop tsktsk.

Some fun and funky Melamine dishes and dessert plates from Fred Flare.

A charming rendition on etsy of the traditional Russian nesting doll and
a pretty set of the original Matryoshka wooden nesting dolls.

Anthropologie's beautiful Babushka throw pillows in Russian red.

A gorgeous vision of nesting dolls as sketched out by artist
Irina Troitskaya and her twist on the dolls come to life.

Matryoschka teatowels at Mirror Mirror, introduced by French design trio Atelier LZC
last Fall, so they were definitely ahead of the curve (as per Paola below!).


Anonymous said...

Can I do a bit of shameless self-promotion and show you the Matryoschka teatowels we have at 'mirrormirror'?

Interestingly French design trio Atelier LZC introduced these last Fall, so they were definitely ahead of the curve.

I love the throw pillows in particular.

mermer said...

you can find the matryoshkas at urban outfitters too. the bedspread:

and a pillow:

wall decals:

and nesting dolls:

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks for all the other great links, guys. i clearly shoul dhave stayed up later last night doing my research!!

see, they're everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Oh that made me laugh today! Babushkas! Just saying it makes me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Love them! (and here comes some more shameless self promotion) I actually made a holiday card a few years ago with Matryoshka's.

I have to get that tsktsk painting!

katiedid said...

I had the nesting dolls growing up and loved them. Then I used the bottom half of one for a tea party cup for my dolls and it warped and cracked. I still haven't gotten over it. I love those Babushkas!

Heather Moore said...

Love 'em all! After Tiel of Tsk Tsk bought one of my Matrioshka doll baby tshirts, she sent me three blank dolls. I don't know if I'll ever have the courage to paint them though!

Irina Troitskaya said...

thank you for this post:)

Unknown said...

You hit the target dead center with this post! They were all over the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair. Also popular, multi-legged sea beasts (squid, octopi). But yeah, the dolls won.


Babushka = Grandmother
Matryoshka = Russian Nesting Dolls

Woo hoo! 14 hours of college Russian finally comes in handy!

gigegy said...

You will never guess where I found a Matryoshka! At Ikea! I will take pics and will send you the link to my flickr page.

Anonymous said...

and more self promotion. I have some photoshopped images set as pendants. I just love these dolls, too cute

Ninette said...

I thought that woodland-creatures and deers were the new Matryoshkas :-) At least, that's how it feels here in northern Europe.

Here's another great shop with wonderful jewellery, among other things Matryoshka-jewellery