Thursday, September 6

Mike King via SFO to PDX.

I'm a huge Elliott Smith fan, and while browsing Office PDX I found this amazing poster by super-poster artist Mike King. It's so fantastic and urban looking, I just love the silhouetted strangers walking oblivious to one another against the backdrop of the city. I didn't even know Office PDX carried concert posters - I was just looking for a No. 2 Pencil.


eshu said...

that's great

hoping you've heard New Moon, it's amazing... and heart-breaking of course

i could listen to disc 1 on repeat for the rest of my life

jennifer said...

I was just there and saw this exhibit! It is all of Mike King's rejected works, so underneath each piece is the reason why it was rejected and they're all pretty funny. This is the one I loved the most, I just wish I could afford it.

poppy said...

hey cool.

Chelsea said...

Yay! I love Office.