Monday, October 15

Meet Mrs. Butler.

Midwest....meets Modern. A perfect example.

I received my copy of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern this weekend and now,
all I've got is a mean hankering to sew my brains out. The book is full of inspiring
photos that make Midwest living pretty darn appealing. Midwest Modern takes
a peek into Amy's own home and the lush, green hills rolling around it. Her
home is a single level, classic mid century modern smack dab in the middle
of Ohio, which was a completely unexpected surprise for me.

Somehow I pictured a cute shingled cottage of some kind, and instead it's got a
graceful flagstone entrance surrounded by exotic gardens, where she finds lots of
creative inspiration for her fabric design. People tell Amy, and her husband, talented
photographer/designer David, that their gardens look like 'Ireland meets India",
and they do. And their home captures Amy's vintage-modern aesthetic perfectly.

I love the pairing of the old porch swing (painted bright orange!)
and the modern lighting fixture. A fun and interesting contrast.

Midwest Modern also gives a glimpse into Amy's design studio which looks
like a little slice of heaven. I don't think I'd ever want to leave, and now it's
got me wondering - do I move the French farm table into my studio office?
It might look pretty good with the funky, modern Ikea Struvsta chair.

Amy's Midwest Modern is full of lifestyle projects, from pillows, to funky bright
aprons, bags and frocks, to the best looking pajama pants around - I'm thinking a
few pairs of these could be my new work-from-home uniform! This personal look
into Amy's life is the perfect escape from a big city day. The book spurs lots of
imaginative ideas, and offers insight into bringing the best of the Midwest home.


Suzy ~ lorenzstudio said...

So gorgeous and inspiring!

erinn said...

I think that is why she is so successful... she designs and makes beautiful things, but along with that she so strongly inspires the rest of us to make beautiful homes for ourselves. Very cool.

Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

Ah, that looks fantastic! I'm wondering, is there a pattern for those pj's in the book - I think I'd read there be none of that business in this book but I surely shell out the 35 bucks if that pattern was included :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Definately beautiful and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

any chance she gives the source for that great rug (is it grey or blue with white) in the book? I would love to know if she does.

sfgirlbybay said...

well put, erinn!

skinny - i don't see the pattern for the pj-pants - i think it's in Amy's previous book, In Stitches.

Anon - I don't see a source for the rug, but there is a great source list in the back of the book. One of them is for ABC Carpet in NYC, so maybe it's from there. I'll check with her, though. It's a great rug, and reminds me of floor stenciling.

Calie Durant said...

Victoria, we must be on the same wavelength this morning. I just posted about needing a sew master and about this wonderful little fabric store in the inner sunset that carries Amy Butler. The store is called Peapod Fabrics and if you haven't been you should check it out.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous looking book and who knew there were houses like that in ohio? certainly not me (who has been investigating a move to the state). i definitely know what i'm getting my sister for christmas this year. thanks for posting!

Sugar Plum Invitations said...

I love her home and creativity! You're right I always pictured her in a cottage, but I love the mid-century look and gardens. I love her sense of personal style. Inspires me to sew more:-) Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Just for all the surprised people, there are plenty of mid-century style homes in Ohio. I'm not quite sure why you'd think otherwise. We're just as diversified as any other state :)

Anonymous said...

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I *think* Anthropologie used to carry that rug. If I remember correctly, they had one with blue/grey dots and one with green dots. I think it was called "Kimono" something.

Not sure if that was helpful, or just rambling! :o)

Genuine Lustre said...

You sound so surprised that anything wonderful could come out of Ohio. It's a beautiful state.

Anonymous said...

I love Amy's previous book, In Stitches, wonderful patterns (pj pants included)!

I can't wait to pick up a copy of this book. Is that sketch in there?

sfgirlbybay said...

Hey guys, in no way was I putting down Ohio! It's just my own naiveté about architecture there. That's all I was referencing. I've actually had job offers from companies there and thought of moving there many times. It looks like it offers such a lovely lifestyle, and one might even be able to own a home there, which I cannot afford in SF.

Unknown said...

hi! first time posting a comment here. i was wondering if anyone knows who makes the chair and ottomon featured in the image with the cat. it is remniscent of the eames i saw it a while back in an issue of InStyle Home but coudl not figure out for the life of me any further information.

Unknown said...

I got this book over the weekend too. As someone who does not sew, I wanted to learn immediately! (I'm still struggling with my knitting class -- not sure yet which would be more frustrating). I'm completely inspired by her book and by your blog as well!

Kelly said...

Oh, wow, thank you so much for posting these pictures. I had heard reviews of this book before, but the pictures definitely sealed my interest. Makes me proud to be a midwesterner - and challenges me to showcase its beauty for all that it is! Thanks for the review!

Creative Archive said...

Beautiful layout!! Every page has something to look at!

Anonymous said...

I'm buying both books and love those pajama pants!!!!

Naomi Devlin said...

This book looks fab! Mid century modern mixed up with a bit of kitch is just right. I love your blog and will be back for more soon - although getting through the posts and looking at all the great links takes time!

Bay Area Knitter said...

Awesome review of Amy's book! I linked to your post in my "favorite links" section of my Bangles n Bags blog.
By the way, I just moved here to the SF Bay Area last month from Chicago. You sure are right about houses here! We left a 4 bedroom house w/full basement & 3 car garage to come here. We're now living in a 2 bedroom with 1/3 the space we had! But the weather here sure makes up for it! =)