Wednesday, February 13

Unexpected Guests: Rinske Dekker.

We're off to the Netherlands! Today we're dropping in on Rinske Dekker, a talented artist living in Amsterdam. When Rinske finished Art school, she worked at an art-supplies store and last year, went on a world-trip with her boyfriend. That’s when she decided to become a full time artist. Rinske is quite prolific with her paintings and I love her varied styles. Her landscape paintings are divine, her characters charming and colorful. I found myself nodding in agreement through much of of our Q &A, and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Where do you live?
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What is your favorite outing in Amsterdam?
Going to the vegetarian restaurant De Waaghals, or a cute little Japanese restaurant Morita-Ya on the Zeedijk. Dancing at The Beat Club. Just walking or cycling through the city. Going to museums and galleries, of course.

What's the best thing about your city?
That you can go everywhere on your bike, and it’s just a beautiful, old city.

What's one thing about you that would surprise people?
I don't know, ( I have always considered myself an open book. You can almost always tell how I feel, unfortunately). Hopefully I will surprise people as an artist. :)

Who are your favorite artists?
Oh, so many, it changes all the time as I keep discovering artists (on the Internet, books, museums, galleries, and through friends). Right now, for example, I am in love with the landscape-paintings of Filarski and Mondriaan. I always admire Pieter Pander, Takanobu Kobayashi, and Yoshitomo Nara.

Where do you find inspiration?
That can be everything, from a color, something on TV or a film, friends. But mostly my own pictures, other flickr artists.

Who do you admire and why?
Anyone who is doing what he/she wants to do.

What's the last great book you read?
I have to confess I haven't read novels for a while. I did read Harry Potter and loved it, I love fantasy. And a lot of inspirational books. The two last ones are Filarski and an album about Japan, through the eyes of 17 comic artists.

What's your favorite film*?
So many to choose from! Office Space, Big Lebowski, Bottle Rocket and all the other films Of Wes Anderson, Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost in Translation. And don't forget Spirited Away and almost all of the Ghibli-films.

*Editor's note: Rinske and I seem to be separated at birth. All of her favorite films, are my favorite films! I also am seeing a trend here in the interviews - Wes Anderson and Coen Brothers films are high on the list of favs. I wonder what that says about us?

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who might that be?
Very difficult question, that could be anyone in the world! But the first thing that came to mind is Sam Rockwell because I didn't photograph him when I had the chance! We were in your city (San Francisco) last year, in a cool alternative cafe, and he was there too. Our first, and only, Hollywood-celebrity and a cool one too! But we were both too shy, we just stood there giggling and pretending we didn't see him. And I had a camera around my neck! Tsss.

Who would you like to sit down to tea with?
Also a very difficult question. Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry, Michel Gondry, Nara, Theo Maassen (although I think that would be a beer rather than tea). Very strange that the first names that came to mind are men...Anyone I can have a good and fun conversation with.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I like to stay up all night on my little island I create on the couch, with the television on or music, laptop on lap, browsing on internet (mostly flickr) with tea and my sketchbook next to me.

Is there anything you would change about yourself?
Oh yes. Self-discipline.

What is your most treasured belonging?
My boyfriend shouted: "me!" And my photos.

What do you have really good taste in?
My boyfriend's answer: "everything". So I think men : ) I think color.

Greatest indulgence?

What is your idea of living hell?
When people who don’t care anymore. And being homeless.

What are some of your favourites websites/blogs to visit
Flickr! Barcinski & Jeanjean, Van Anne Walk, yours :) , Martijn Overweel, Cartoondiarree, Do You Know Flo?, 99 Rooms etc.


Danielle said...

The book on Japan through the eyes of 17 comic artists sounds interesting, would she mind sharing the title?

Anonymous said...

brilliant! amsterdam is so full of great treasures. thanks for sharing.

j said...

thank you, Victoria! I enjoyed this interview.

her work is beautiful.

Katrina said...

what a wonderful interview and stunning stunning photos.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is so cool to read, thank you all!

I was just coming here to tell danielle the title from the book:
"Japan"(by 17 auteurs). its french originally, from casterman, looked it up:


Anonymous said...

my internet is being badly behaved so sorry if this posts twice:

I'm totally into the beautiful mess on the walls, esp. the one with the frame over it. I love this sort of inspiration rooted in insanity/brililance.

Shell said...

How come everything and everyone in Amsterdam is so cool? It's my favourite city and this is why - the great mix or art, design, fun, and history - it's so lovely. This interview is great - fantastic art (I especially love the landscapes) and great decor! Thanks!

kelly w said...

Goes without saying that Rinske's flat is beautiful and cosy and eclectic and wonderful, but I wanted to comment on her Sam Rockwell comment. I spent a little time with Sam in 1994 when he was just starting to be in films (I met him bc he was in a film my friend was directing), and he was absolutely lovely-- could not have been kinder, friendlier, or more genuine. So next time you see him, Rinske, get that photo!

PS-- what's the tiny sparrow pictured to the left of the polka-dotted green glass? Is that on a shirt, or wall art? LOVE!!

sfgirlbybay said...

i am so glad you all liked the interview. Rinske is just lovely! And so is Amsterdam!!

Kelly - thanks for the insider info. Sam is cool. And that little bird is one of Rinske's wonderful paintings!

Elizabeth said...

oh the bookshelves! I wish I had bookshelves like that...

Anonymous said...

do these Europeans ever read a book?

sfgirlbybay said...

anon - you mean like Dickens or Shakespeare? that was kind of a wide generalization, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, Yes , we europeans write books but only people outside europe read them.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Rinske visited me. She is my niece and I am happy that she is.
In spite of the fact we only live 40 minutes travelling from each other we don't visit that often. I love her work and I admire her decision to be a fulltime artist. You go Girl! I think we share the same shortcoming: self-discipline!
But I am convinced that we are able to have it 100%.
We just need to find the right flow in life. If it won't happen...we still be happy persons :)