Wednesday, March 19

Unexpected Guests: Alicia Bock.

This week is a double dose of Unexpected Guests, and we're dropping in on another wonderful photographer, albeit a bit different style than 10 cent, certainly nonetheless beautiful! I've been a fan of Alicia Bock's gorgeous work for some time now and am excited to share a glimpse into her home life. Alicia's photographs make me feel all warm and fuzzy and like all is right with life, hearth and home. I think I find them very peaceful. Alicia's photographs can be created in many sizes, as canvas giclees and greeting cards, and a portion of your purchase will benefit Half the Sky Foundation. You can also read more about the lovely Alicia on her blog, Bloom, Grow, Love.

What is your favorite outing in Lansing, Michigan, where you live?
I have two little kids who I work from home with, so our trips out have to be enjoyable for everyone. My favorite days are summer days. We like to go to the Children's Garden, with a stop after for ice cream, and organic veggies from the student run organic farm that is on our way home.
What's the best thing about Lansing?
Someone on Etsy once said, "the best thing about my city is that it has an airport to take me somewhere else." And, I couldn't agree more. It is no secret that I want to move to west Michigan, as close to the Lake Michigan shore as I can. I have never lived so far from the water, and it doesn't feel natural to me. But, I do try to stay active here. I like that we live fairly close to a major university (in East Lansing) and there is usually a lot going on over there. Lots of live music in the summer, and art festivals in the summer.

What don't you leave home without?
My ChicoBag (I love them so much I am starting to sell them from my website), a diaper for my 2 year old, and lip gloss.

What's your favorite shop?
Grace in Old Town, Lansing. Such gorgeous dresses. And, the shoes are extra lovely.

Who are your favorite artists?
I adore the black and white photography of Clyde Butcher and Roman Loranc. Plus, all of my contacts on Flickr impress and inspire me everyday.

What's the last great book you read?
I sadly haven't read many "adult" books since my kids were born. My daughter and I read Charlotte's Web together not too long ago. And, for as many times as I have read it, I still adore it. And, cry every time it ends.

What's your favorite film?
It is hard to choose, either Lost in Translation or Bandits. They are both so different, yet I love them the same.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who might that be?
Christopher Walken. We have the same birthday, and I love his face and the way speaks. I can only imagine how much fun it would be. (Editor's note: I am so with you here. I had to link to this video because it is an all time favorite.)

Who would you like to sit down to tea with?
Today, my mom. She lives 1,500 miles from me. Though knowing us together, I am sure we'd trade our tea for beer.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I love staying up later than anyone else in my house watching bad TV, which can be difficult because my kids are mini night owls like me. But, I usually outlast them and them, and my husband. And, then my TV ADHD kicks in and I flip through a whole bunch of shows. 15 minutes of E!, 15 minutes of Jimmy Kimmel, 1/2 of a Sex and the City re-run, a bit of an infomercial. You can't watch TV like this if other people are in the room. It will drive them crazy. But, I think I have perfected the art of watching five shows at once.

Is there anything you would change about yourself?
I'd love a better memory. It is terrible. I am so glad I have pictures to help me remember.
Longer legs would be great too!

What is your most treasured belonging?
My mint condition Yashica Mat 124 camera. I've rarely use it. It is too pretty. But, one of my goals for the year is to get it out more. I love how heavy it is, and the sounds it makes when you wind the film, so different from my digital world.

What is your idea of living hell?
Working for someone else, not being my own boss.

What are some of your favorites websites/blogs to visit?
Jen's gorgeous blog, Nectar and Light. Orangette, because I always discover a tasty new recipe. And, Local Harvest, which makes me excited about summer markets and our own garden.


Mrs.French said...

Thanks for the interview! My first etsy purchase was two Alicia Bock photos. They are beyond beautiful.

kelly said...

I love Alicia's work! Thanks so much for posting this interview -- it reminded me that I've been meaning to measure a wall in my house to see what size print of hers that I need.

Unknown said...

great interview! i love her work!

Maggie Sumner said...

I've been away for a while but today am reminded about all the great reasons why I love your blog! Always inspiring.

lisamarie said...

my first etsy purchases were two Alicia Bock prints as well! I love her work, thanks so much for the peek into her life.

Unknown said...

what a beautiful interview. thank you. i feel most inspired.

Emma said...

What a coincidence, I just purchased one of here photos a few weeks ago. I'm looking for a good frame now.
Her work is amazing, I just love it. It has a very nostalgic and romantic feel to it.

Anonymous said...

she is such an inspiration - wonderful interview and of course, breathtaking shots.

Nathalie said...

oh my God, that video of Christopher Walken is fantastic ! i had no idea he was the dancing type:) Brilliant !

Erin Gates said...

I bought three of her prints about a year ago and I still love them. :)

Jaimee McClellan said...

Fantastic Interview! I adore her work!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely interview! i have one of alicia's photos, and it is really gorgeous! i think she's one of the few people out there who captures an analogue feeling using a digital camera. she's inspired me to get a chico bag, too, after learning about them from her interview! :)

bettyninja said...

Just wanted to say: I love your blog, I've been reading for a while now, this photographer is amazing and I love when you interview people, and lastly I am going to San Fran. next week and I have tons of places to visit thanks to your lovely blog. You rock.

Anonymous said...

This post is absolutely wonderful! i love the collection of pictures and things. Fantastic.
P.S. Great Blog too!!! I love your site!

mati rose said...

LOVe her work. i have the top orchid print hanging in my office and it makes me happy daily. so nice to learn more!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alicia (and Victoria too!) for this interview. As somebody new to both photography and Etsy Alicia is somebody to look up to and this was certainly inspiring!

Alya said...

i always enjoy ur interviews! never get bored of them. Ijust posted my first interview too! Yaay!

Unknown said...

Wonderful interview. Glad I found it!

sandy said...

What she says about watching TV at night like that, I do the same thing. It is my little seret indulgence. And I too wish I had a better memory! Thanks for the interview. Great blog!