Monday, July 14

Renegade Wrap-Up.

I hit the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason's Festival Pavilion this Saturday, and what a good time was had by all! It was so great to see so much crafty goodness all under one big roof! It was also so much fun to meet some of the talented Renegade artists in person, after seeing their work online for so long. Here's some of the must-sees, and if you couldn't be there yourself, I've added links to find some of this great work online at their websites an etsy shops.

Art & Print Studio Sonnenzimmer. I had to have the print on the right!

Sara Paloma Pottery. So beautiful!

Vintage looking love from the Treatzone; and amazing poster art from Mat Daly.

Pretty hand painted eggs and apple boxes from Miss Natalie.

Cute cards and stationery from the Treatzone.

Artist Annie Galvin of 3 Fish Studios.

Artist Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios.

Hello Lucky Letterpress Stationery.

Irreverent Eye Masks from Hambone & Jennicakes;
and cute pouches from Chikabird.

Adorable screen printed vintage sweater from Stella Neptune;
and funky poster art from The Poster List.

Lorena Siminovich's Petit Collage Gocco prints;
and oil cloth wallets from Shipwreck.

More drool-worthy prints from Sonnenzimmer.

Handmade Nation Documentary Film Maker
Faythe Levine of Paper Boat Boutique;
and modeling the Seibei Make Me a Sandwich t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I thought a lot of the offerings at Renegade were really (too) cutesy.

I totally support the craft movement and am addicted to Etsy, but I'm a thirtysomething woman -- I don't want to decorate with stuffies and art featuring little girls and adorable woodland creatures.

That said, I was equally blown away by Mat Daly and Studio Sonnenzimmer. Great stuff, that.

ali said...

i loved the event and had a blast. i've been a big fan of mat's for a long time now, so it was neat to meet him and talk to him about his work. same for other artists that we see online - elizabeth soule was another one of my faves.

great photos of the fair, victoria!

comfies said...

nice captures of renegade! i agree that sara palomar's pottery was mind-boggling. so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

as expected, your recap of the event is the best. thanks!

Junia Isabel said...

The venue was great for this craft affair. I kinda felt bad for the poor DJ way in the back though! All in all, I came out with some nice things. I haven't seen you post about it, but are you going to be at Zine Fest next weekend? Hope to see ya there!

this humble abode said...

Thanks for stopping by! It was great to finally meet you. You're smart to have come early, it was craziness later in the day.

Yvonne-Marie Wontons said...

My friend linked me to your blog, and...

Hey, that's me modelling that sandwich shirt! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Seibei. :D

(Lord, my hair.)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for including our stationery! we were overwhelmed by all the good stuff at the fair!

MELI. said...

I made it out Sunday, I also posted some images (mostly bikes... ;)
Great pics! I was so happy to meet loads of my fave etsy vendors and introduced to so many awesome new ones. Also the followers were a crowd was great.

marisol said...

I ended up buying a couple of the posters and postcards sold by The Poster List. I want more!

I hope that they have in it SF again next year. So many talented people.

Unknown said...

I loved being included in the must-sees, but eleven eleven was given credit for my oilcloth wallets!! These are made in my retail shop Shipwreck and can be purchased from my etsy shop-

Thanks for your coverage on the fair!

sfgirlbybay said...

Marcy - I am SO sorry! I think I got confused - I will correct it right now and add your link. Thanks for letting me know!