Wednesday, October 22

GUEST BLOGGER: Hijiri from Heart Fish 2

After taking you all to Japan, I thought I should end my today's post by welcoming everyone back to San Francisco. I was back in the city for a few days this month and as I walked around the city, I took a lot of pictures, especially, the typography in the city. I take pictures for my inspirations for colors and designs, but hopefully these will give you an idea for your project or your store signage in the future!

Love the orange and blue combination as well as their graphic designs. oh and the food, too. :)

Simple, bold and nice.

I like the texture.

I love everything about this door, font, atmosphere.

V is for Victoria.

Nice decorative elements.


Love the movie theater typography.

I like the big bold signage.

Great texture, unique typography.

V-O-T-E pillows from Jonathan Adler window.

Love the simple gray on gray.

I like the "G" and fun font.

Big Apple in San Francisco.

Inside of "O" is screw – subtle, but clever.

Very vintage and local look.

Love the curvy and unique typeface. Also the decorative graphic on the sides, too.

Simple, but the color combination is striking.

Love the 3D signage. Texture is nice, too.

I love how thick the letters are! Nice wood background, too.

Very cute and elegant.



Very simple, but love the presence and the color is nice, too.

I lived in San Francisco for more than 10 years and now I'm in NYC – it has been great, the city is treating me with lots of energy and inspirations, but if I had 2 hearts, one of my hearts will always be in San Francisco, I think. One stays here with my husband and my little families :)

I will see you guys again next Wednesday!

*Please visit my art in the city and hand-lettering in the city for more SF things :)


Anonymous said...

Hijiri, thank you for the lovely and wide-ranging photos of signs! A new perspective on Fillmore and Polk Streets. You've inspired me to LOOK UP more often. :-)

VisuaLingual said...

Awesome! I lived there for a couple of years and, although I didn't exactly leave my heart there, it's great to see some old signs that I remember, and tons that are new to me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Yes, you are right, I forgot to mention, but a lot of them are from Fillmore Street and Polk Streets. Some are from downtown, Van Ness, Hayes etc. There are so many cute signage everywhere in the city!


Great! San Francisco never seem to change, but I guess new stores are opening up here and there. I even miss the hills :)

vicki archer said...

Great signs - a fun and different way to see SF.

peachey said...

this post was f.u.n.

Anonymous said...

vicki archer>>

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them :)


Thank you! It was fun walking around and taking pictures of the typography that caught my eye, too!!

mayaluna said...

I agree...really fun post! I grew up in SF and some of your shots had the old time feeling of the city. Loved them all and your little insight about each.

Juxtaposition Design said...

This was a really fun post! Signs/font tell so much about the image of a business, it's a little weird!
And, I really hope to take a trip to the San Francisco/Oakland area one day

Anonymous said...

California has great type. I also love small towns and rust belt cities for retro love these - esp Velvet d.V.

Anonymous said...


Thank you! I'm glad you had fun looking at them, they brought back some memories, perhaps? - some signs have been there for a long long time, I'm sure, and I hope they stay there!

Juxtaposition Design>>

Thank you!! You are so right, each has its own characteristic and they do talk! I hope you make it to Bay Area someday, too... :)

julie K>>

I agree! I do like small towns' unique and old, retro signs, too. Makes me wanna go visit somewhere new and see all the great signs.

shelbi said...

awesome shots!

Anonymous said...

keeper of the chocolates>>

THANK YOU!!! I'm glad to hear that!!!

Anonymous said...

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