Friday, October 24

GUEST BLOGGER: Libby from pinkshirtsandcarwrecks

with a very important day just a week and a half away i wanted to share a great twin cities event: the poster offensive. held just about every other year (corresponding with the election cycles), this poster show gathers some of the twin cities' socially-conscious graphic designers (and some non-designers who just want to make posters) and lets them express anything that's on their mind relating to the themes of peace and democracy. it has so far traveled to two galleries in st. paul and minneapolis, and in november will be hung at the university of wisconsin, stout (so check it out all you midwesterners!) posters can be purchased at the shows, although unfortunately the minneapolis show just ended. here are a few of my favorites from the last two shows. 

1. unity by kelly munson
2. po4 poster
3. hope 826 by amy jo
4. hello? by sarah nelson
5. hope unites (one of two)
6. keep it cool by kelly munson
7. compassion by ben levitz
8. who would jesus bomb? by katie kirk

thanks, everybody!


Kevin Connetta said...

I NEED some of these posters. How can I get them online because I am in the Bay Area? Keep it Cool and Hello -- just brilliant.

candacemorris said...

I agree.
Where to purchase?

marthalena said...

Yes! Agreed! I'd love to buy one. Victoria? Any ideas?

crabapple said...

Try was able to get "Hope 826" there.

Libby said...

the posters were made to sell at the show, but i think if you contacted the artist directly (google them? they're all minnesota artists/designers) they might have some left. some of them might not be available anymore at all - especially some of the posters from previous years.

but it wouldn't hurt to try!

shanon said...

Oh my, these sooo rock! I wish I would have known about this sooner, so I could have gone. *sob*

This was a great, and timely post. Well done Libby!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

great posters!

Anonymous said...

love the "keep it cool" poster. tried to track it down online with no luck. wish I could find it...

Peet said...

Hi all. Thanks for all of the interest in the Poster Offensive. This was our fourth, and best, year. We had two shows, the first of which coincided with the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, MN. It was a blast.

In terms of purchasing these posters, please feel free to contact me at peet(at) and I'll try to hook you up. We are not set up for internet sales, so please bare with us. (Hopefully, next time around.)


LittleDoodles said...

they're all wonderful! I think the final one is my favourite

Libby said...

thanks peet!

Unknown said...

This was an awesome event to be a part of. Peet alerted us there is interest in our poster. I designed the Compassion poster in 2006 and one for 2008 called Power of Love. Both are letterpress printed (of course) at our studio and we still have them available. They can be purchased off our website at:

Thanks for finding us!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'll second that Ben! Go PO Show!
Ours can also be purchased off our site, here's a link:

There you can find a link to the poster we did for the current show, Stick It To Em, and the poster we did for the last show, Who Would Jesus Bomb (shown above).

Thanks for the post Libby!
xoxo- Katie at Eighthourday

Carrie Nicole said...

These are amazing!! Thank you for sharing. Going to try and Google one into my hands ;)