Thursday, October 30

GUEST BLOGGER: Uncle Beefy from The Bedlam of Beefy

So, I'm just guessing that a number of us loyal SFGirlByBay readers have likely heard of Domino. Perhaps one or two of you have even picked up a copy? Mmm, hmm...thought so! So if you've been perusing through the pages of your November issue you'll see that the delightful Rita Konig (And an inside source, close to your Uncle, who was featured in the magazine, couldn't say enough lovely things about her! Isn't that nice to know?) did a destination guide of my Emerald City...Seattle. I've got no bone to pick with Ms. Konig as she most certainly is steering you in the right direction, Kids. However, there were a few things that I felt could have been included in addition and thought I'd offer my 2 pence.

The Seattle skyline as seen by the much visited Kerry Park on Queen Anne.

Lucca Great Finds is located in Seattle's ever-growing Ballard neighborhood. This place is a favorite visual destination as it's like walking through a most refined curiosity cabinet! A mix of new and vintage, there is always a bevy of goods to ponder and praise...if not purchase.

Far4 is a relative new comer to the downtown style scene. Located next door to the Domino-mentioned Watson Kennedy (another favorite!), Far4 is a welcome piece of urban sophistication. Russian-born Seattleites Igor and Yelena Klimenkoff utilize classic 18th-century methods to produce a most modern array of porcelain goods in their Russian-based studio. And, don't let the mind-numbing hand-done artistry or the chic store interior intimidate you, the Klimenkoff's daughter, Jenny (seen above), makes for a warm and welcoming first, second and third impression!

Okay, by now it would seem that most areas have a "cupcakery". Seattle has a few but all are likely to have to bow down to the Queen of little cakes...Trophy Cupcakes and Party. Located in the Wallingford neighborhood, in an old school turned shopping center, Trophy wasted no time in seriously raising the bar in the cupcake wars. And with a name like "Trophy", I suppose that's no surprise.

Café Besalu. I'm not sure exactly what the origin of the name is but I always think of "kiss" in Spanish when I see it. And that's exactly what I could do to the masterful bakers who reign supreme here at this Ballard bakery! Great coffee is a relative given...I mean we're in Seattle people. But, to be succinct, if the smell of this petite patisserie doesn't melt you, the croissants will break your heart. Such buttery flakiness prompts tears at the exquisiteness of it all!

So don't forget to add these to your Seattle list should you ever come for a visit! And for more of your Uncle's Seattle suggestions, check out the September issue of James Saavedra's online magazine decor*fellow!



Stephanie said...

I LOVE trophy cupcakes - seriously the very best cupcake I have ever put in my mouth (and that is many, many cupcakes.)

Seattle is such a great city!

The Lil Bee said...

OK. Trophy Cupcakes? I know where my next binge will be. Do they FedEx? Are they offering any combo-fat-packs with Besalu? Done up with a pretty bow from Lucca?

Sign me UP, Beef!

SHILL said...

tell me uncle beefy, is seattle heaven in disguise??? ;) this post is killing me, all crazy beautiful places to are making me drool over and over again!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great post! I am also a Seattleite and my family are huge fans of Trophy!

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks said...

sfgirlbybay also got a mention in this month's domino! it's on grace's profile.

jae said...

I came across Trophy's website several months ago and thought it looked so good...glad to hear it tastes so good, too. Take note...need trip to Seattle.

Uncle Beefy said...

stephanie...I'm enthralled by her chocolate cake...SO moist and delicious! YUM!

bee...really...much easier to just come for a visit and let me take you and P there! :)

shill...if it's in disguise then it's costume must be rain! ;)

a day that is dessert...well come on! With a name like that you MUST be fans! :)

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks...I flipped to it this morning after you told me! How awesome is that?!! Great to see time a photo op for Ms. Victoria! We love her so...don't we? :) (Great guest posts this week!)

jae...yes, indeed! Amazing the allure of those cupcakes! About the only thing people are most compelled to comment on! I understand I! :)

Always appreciate y'all taking the time to comment, Kids!