Monday, November 17

Sunday in the City.

What a gorgeous weekend here in San Francisco. It was so ridiculously sunny and warm on Saturday, I scooted around town in shorts with top down (not mine, the convertible bug's!). I ran all over town, and then headed over to one of my favorite spots - the SF Flower Mart to pick up some fresh flowers (to replace some of those quite deceased below). Here's a little bit different look at my weekend, sans diptychs...they'll be back.

Peonies From Heaven.


Paper Moon.

Wild Orchids.

Dearly Departed.

From Russia With Love.

Gerber Babies.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

I See Dead Things.


Tina said...

at the market for some flower shopping on a sunday? sounds amazing, must be a fab day :)

Steph said...

I love the peonies from Heaven, that are my fovorites flower...
I passed next to the pink house in Montmartre yesterday, you illustrated some monthes ago one of your post with this picture... So I thaught about you :-)
Here in Paris, it's rain and cold (grrr)
Bonne semaine !

sfgirlbybay said...

tina - the flower mart was saturday, 'sundays in the city' technically just represent my whole weekend. ;)

steph - but you'r in paris!!!

ninainvorm said...

Pretty pretty shots! I love your dyptichs a lot, but I think this way of showing the photos does the each of the separate great shots justice too! said...

Nice photos Victoria. It was a fabulous weekend. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week and everyone was walking around in shorts and flip flops!

Jenny - said...

Lovely pictures!

Serac said...

Oh, I love that house in From Russia with Love. Probably one of my favorites in the city.

Jamie Watson said...

I See Dead Things made me laugh!

Sylvie said...

"Peonies from Heaven"!
What a great brain you have :)