Monday, December 22

Winter White Wonderland.

Sorry, kids there's no Sunday in the City today, but that's because Mrs. French from the glorious blog Bliss and I have a special Holiday photo special planned for Christmas Eve. Sunday marked the first official day of Winter, so rather than inundate you with more holiday photos from around the city, I thought I'd share one of my favorite things, rooms decorated based on a kind of a blank canvas of white. Or, white as the palette upon which to build with accessories and furnishings. Here's a look at some luscious winter whites I found around flickr. And check back Wednesday for my special project with Bliss!

Lovely bedrooms, this one as well as this one,
both from Chez Larsson.

Coveted white leather pouf from Shabby Chic.

Mid-century modern vinyl bench from revolutionarygirl.

Gorgeous white vintage ceramics and accessories

Beautiful Eames chair from John Baird.

Thoroughly modern room from Nebo Peklo;
and lovely modern chair from ninainvorm.

Simple spices from square one studio.

Lovely claw foot tub and bathroom from Australian
Country Style magazine via AnastasiaC @ percivalroad.

Vintage white collectibles from nbklx17 / Sandy.

Divine white sun porch from sunshinesyrie.

Heavenly bedroom from Marianne Campbell Hockenberry.

*Top winter wonderland photo courtesy of [j]t.


foo said...

Oh, I just love white (and you can certainly tell that by what's in my 1928's flat!). It is soooooo soothing. And, with just little touches, it's so easy to change colors.

I know it's impractical...but with a little non-cholorine bleach, all is well in the world!

sara said...

i looove white rooms, they're so peaceful and calming. my room is like an explosion of turquoise, which is fun, but sometimes i wish i had a pale-palleted room to relax in. i especially love the first one, with the big map on the wall. <3

Grace@PoeticHome said...

White is such a splendid color, quite fitting for both winter and year-round decor. What a lovely collection of inspirational photos!

Ashley L. said...

I will be looking forward to your holiday photo special! But, in case I don't get another chance to wish you a Merry Christmas, I hope yours is extra special! :)

Di Overton said...

Have a beautiful Christmas.

Sara said...

Ooooo! That bathroom is to die for! I love clawfoot bathtubs. Also, that white leather pouf caught my eye.
Happy Holidays!

hmstrjam said...

love the eames chair!!

purple said...

Wow, great pics, love the white theme.

Chris said...

Your blog is so clean and well done!