Wednesday, January 21

Curate Your Collection.

Untitled 5, Leigh Beisch.

I have an important birthday coming up this year, and as a gift to myself, I am seriously considering purchasing myself a nice piece of artwork, a large piece for above my desk. I'd like something that means a lot to me, that I can look up and feel comforted by as I am working. So, I went on Suzanne Shade's amazing online art gallery, The Beholder, to have a look around and see what struck my fancy.

Ocean Beach 2, Cody Pickens.

Five Fingers, Kari Orvik.

Ocean Beach 1, Cody Pickens.

Suzanne has a wonderful group of artists represented on The Beholder, and the site allows you to curate your own little collection when you log-in and become a member (free, of charge of course). So, I curated this set, which was easy, and a lot of fun, and am going to visit it for a while and sit and think about how these images make me feel, and how I'd feel living with one of them in my home. The other great thing about The Beholder, is that Suzanne offers a seven-day trial period for you to have art on loan and see how it looks in your space, before making the final investment. Wanna be a collector, anyone? Curate away!

Untitled 1, Leigh Beisch.

Ball Clock, Yuri Shin.

Untitled 6, Klea McKenna.


jacklyn said...

i love the leigh beisch beautiful! big birthday? i have a big one this year too 3-0 and was trying to think of something significant to do too. maybe a trip?

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

i bought an original art print of Margaret Keane's on ebay for my recent means a lot to me...i recommend finding the one that speaks to you...mat and frame won't be sorry, delta in fort collins

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through BlogTopSites today. Lots of good stuff on here - I'm enjoying reading through your lists.

Rowena said...


I just spent all morning curating a collection! There goes my productivity.

But it was fun.


Clementine said...

So beautiful! x

Toshimi said...

I love how the photographs are so soft and dreamy

sophia said...

leigh beisch is one of my favorite. so talented.