Monday, January 5

Sunday in the City.

Happiest of New Years to everyone! I hope y'all are off to a good, optimistic start and have had some time to rest and refuel a little bit after the holiday madness! This isn't technically 'Sunday' in the City, but a look at my New Year's Eve, spent in San Francisco's slightly mysterious and exotic Chinatown. Peking duck at Great Eastern, and midnight cocktails at the Li Po Lounge. Kitschy, festive and frivolous, just how I like my New Year's. It's great to be back, and I look forward to sharing a creative and inspiring 2009!

Post Peking Duck.

Tattered & Trashy.

Touch of the Blues.

Streets of San Francisco.


Shadow Dancers.

Temple of Tackiness.

Paper Moons.

Belly Up to the Bar.


Tina said...

looks a lot fun! would love to spent my new year's eve like this too, maybe next year, thanks for the great idea!

curious girl (lisa) said...

lucky girl!

Cabrizette said...

So lucky ! what lovely pictures..

raya said...

I missed you over the holiday, but am glad that people took breaks (I sure did). I love the gritty quality of these images - they have a mystery to them that is really intriguing.


Michelle said...

Ohhhhh! So pretty, I feel like I am there, giggling and taking photos, so great.

Courtney said...

Oh, it's great to see a Sunday (or Wednesday night) in the City post! As always, beautiful photos, and, of course, I love the one about paper moons!

Anonymous said...

Fun! The best New Year's Eve I ever spent was in Chinatown/North Beach, beginning at Spec's, crawling to Buddha and Li Po, then finishing the night at the old Washbag.

sfgirlbybay said...

it was a fun night, and i even wore false eyelashes and a fall (wig) to be silly.

raya - it was my crummy point & shoot and i think the setting was off, but i liked the grittiness for the subject matter, so it worked out okay.

chez shoes - a perfect dive bar crawl! i haven't been to spec's in ages!

Nanette said...


ann marie said...

Oh, did you drink any Li-Po specials? The fanciest drink I've ever had -- definitely something to try (and to behold).