Monday, January 19

Sunday in the City.

This weekend I met my friend Joni for an early afternoon supper at one of our very favorite San Francisco restaurants, Zuni Cafe on Market Street. We've gone there for many, many years now, always ordering and splitting the exact same thing, a dozen oysters on the half shell, Caesar salad, pom frites, and Zuni's famous roast chicken. And, oh yeah, and a nice glass of Pinot Gris. Afterwards, I walked around a bit, snapping a few shots of the neighborhood. It was a good day...I hope perhaps you shared a great meal with freinds, and enjoyed your weekend, too.

On The Half Shell.

Window Seat.

Patiently Waiting.

I Spy With My Little Eye.

All Hung Up.

Old & Decayed.


Vana said...

my weekend was quite. Looking at these shots of yours made me realize how much I miss S.F.

sherry said...

I like remembering San Fransisco from your blog. We spent a part of the weekend in Philadelphia. Had a lovely lunch and saw a few new galleries and a great new industrial kitchen supply.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Lovely glimpse into your weekend. Sounds and looks delightful!

janis said...

I recognize that window seat! My sweetheart and I sat there last time we visited Zuni. Such a fun place to eat and people watch (discreetly of course!)

brooke said...

Zuni is still my favorite restaurant in SF. My aunt introduced me years ago. That caesar salad is the best I have ever tasted. Love your photos and your blog!

Underfunded Heiress said...

I love your cool finds in the city. So unique. You have such a great eye! Next time I am in SF, I am going to try that restaurant :)

Lonnie said...

I love your Sundays in the city! They are always a treat.