Tuesday, February 17

Flickr Curator: Sacred Lotus.

This wonderful Flickr Curator set comes from one of my very favorite flickr photographers, Nicolle Null, other known as Sacred Lotus, from Portland, Oregon. I have long admired Nicolle's beautiful photos, and have just discovered she also runs the lovely blog Sacred Lotus Photography. She has a great eye for putting together a beautifully composed set of flickr faves, and I think you'll see what I mean when you take a look at these lovelies.

Here's what Nicolle shared about about her flickr faves:"My collection of favorites reminds me that it's the simple little things in life that make me truly happy, the smell of the ocean, the tick-tock of a cuckoo clock, a good book, the summer breeze through my window, Oregon rain, walking in nature, snow, blooming flowers, brightly colored balloons, picture taking, sunshine & shadows, a hot cup of joe, handmade cards, old photos, and the beautiful sky above."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. abbytrysagain 2. Buttons Magee 3. Buttons Magee 4. tooltooltool75 5. lifelovepaper 6. harpy 7. harpy 8. The 10 cent designer 9. allie pasquier 10. allie pasquier 11. ♥gartersnlace♥ 12. kelly belly smelly 13. kelly belly smelly 14. moominsean 15. Crafton 16. harpy 17. maplesyruponly 18. jimheid 19. unruly things 20. WOLF CHOIR 21. WOLF CHOIR 22. unruly things 23. moxiee 24. afteronemore 25. harpy 26. harpy 27. harpy 28. harpy 29. microabi 30. buttonmoOon 31. girlhula 32. maydos {vovvv!} 33. Charlyn W 34. ayatsato 35. unruly things and 36. abbytrysagain.


nicolle said...

yay, thanks for showcasing my favs. there are truly so many amazing photographers on flickr. i am inspired everyday by the work i find there!

sfgirlbybay said...

it was all my pleasure!!

Jennifer White said...

I so love finding new Flickr contacts....thank you for posting Nicolle's....she has a lovely photostream and I already foudn a few faves of my own.

sfgirlbybay...you always show me something new which I love... thank you.

ButtonmoOon said...

Yay i see one of mine!

Nicolle truly has one of the coolest, inspiring set of photos on flickr.

Just been enjoying the collection of images on this blog :)