Tuesday, March 3

Flickr Curator: Susannah Conway.

This week's Flickr Curator is UK-based photographer Susannah Conway, who lives in the historic and very picturesque city of Bath in south-west England. You may have seen Susannah's lovely work around the web: she currently shares a weekly Polaroid collaboration with another favorite photographer of mine Alicia Bock, called Favorite Things. Susannah also runs a couple of wonderful blogs, including Ink on My Fingers, and teaches the online photography e-course on her other beautiful blog, Unravelling, as well as running an etsy shop where you can find her lovely photographic prints. With all this in her favor, I just knew she'd curate an amazing set of flickr favorites.

Here's what Susannah shared about about her favorite flickr photos: "Looking at this collection of my Flickr favourites I realise how much I want it to be spring here in the UK. I look out my window and see a blanket of grey cloud covering the city, but in my head - and my computer screen - I am dreaming of blue skies, golden sunshine and windows flung open to let the warm breeze inside. I'm dreaming of picnics and flower picking and paddling in the sea; I want to tie my hair back in a ponytail and wear dresses that swish around my legs as I sashay down the street. These photos could be snapshots from my memory banks, of the days I hope to recreate sometime soon. My favourites always transport me to another, often better, place in my mind."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. yoo_li, 2. nijunana, 3. Tetheredto, 4. e-y-e-s, 5. k@telyn, 6. honey pie living, 7. lisbett, 8. Maditi, 9. pfong, 10. Wild Goose Chase, 11. Revivify, 12. 14'Standard, 13. la petite fille de faon, 14. My Vintage Vogue, 15. lilac moon, 16. fine tuning, 17. Soda O, 18. 14'Standard, 19. Dorellana, 20. Marie Ek, 21. e*airfuly, 22. Karin Eriksson, 23. Sandra Juto, 24. Abbytriesagain, 25. I scream if you scream, 26. Sweet Distin, 27. Cecilia Ivy, 28. Danske, 29. emilie 79, 30. harpy, 31. Emma C, 32. annAemilia, 33. jaime m, 34. Suse W, 35. Maditi, and 36. maplesyruponly.


Jill said...

wow, what a beautiful collage.

Jennifer White said...

Isn't she just fabulous?? Amazing talent...anxiously awaiting the start of her next online photo class... thanks for highlighting her.

CityHomeGirl said...

there is a local kitchen contest, check it out!

Concrete Honey said...

I think that's the most beautiful curation of flickr photos I've seen yet - such calm

modern-furniture-guy said...

Great work susannah, keep it up!!!