Wednesday, March 25

Time Out With Erin: Pack a Picnic!

It's official; picnic season is upon us. Tonight, forgo the usual TV dinner and surprise your family [or yourself!] with a fun little outdoor picnic. For inspiration, check out Elsa's most recent picnic photos, and prepare your feast with these essential picnic ingredients. Don't forget your camera and sunscreen! Be good, now.

*And, in case you're unfamiliar, Time Out is another installment of a new Wednesday column brought to you by Erin Loechner, Editor of Design for Mankind...dedicated to tearing you away from behind the computer monitor and on to enjoying the simple things in life. Enjoy! As always, thanks so much Erin!

*Beautiful photos both courtesy of elseachelsea.


chelsea said...

Thanks for the shout out, Erin!

Mujer imperfecta said...

Lovely photograph,

Kasey said...

o.k., so taking the time to pack a picnic this weekend.