Friday, June 30

Single Blank Canvas Seeks Heartfelt Personality

Say you've got a big blank wall. Hmmm...what to do, what to do? Paint? Wallpaper? Well you could do both and then make it really cool. Make yourself your own personal gallery tribute to your life, your family, your friends. Travel, mementos, crazy sketches on cocktail napkins. Get some cheap frames, and mix and match. This is my gallery. It includes some personal glimpses into my life, those I care to share, and reminds me constantly of good times. Here's a brief list:

* Sketches by Casey Mooney made in Business Class on United Airlines on a return flight from London. She seemed to notice I had an addiction for salt, but deplored lint. Take a look.

* Handpainted Portrait of Cooper - also by the talented Ms. Mooney. I love it - it totally captures his sad look.

* Weird vintage photo of restless child. Whose child? Unknown.

* Some fortune cookie art I made. From the fortunes. Not the cookies. To clarify.

* 'Jesus Coming Soon' neon sign. Maui. Again, freakishly talented Mooney.

* Elementary School Photo. Me. Brownie Uniform. Year unclear.

* Me and Michelle fabulously chic in Venice. You know we are.

And many more. You get the idea.

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