Wednesday, July 5

Inspiration: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."*

I was recently asked what inspires me creatively. It's a hard question to answer specifically, because I get inspired in so many ways, by so many things. My talented friends and co-workers inspire me. This city and all its uniqueness is constantly giving me ideas. Crazy, mad art. Thought provoking novels. Great fashion. Interesting thinkers. Definitely travel. Exotic, as well as very mundane ports of call. I think I am a very visual person, and perhaps I tend to notice the small details. It is always in the details. But sometimes I almost get overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas so I need a place to keep them so they don't all tumble out of my head, a memory never to be recalled and brought back to life. I like to add my own twist to things, and obviously think everyone should try to make things their own. So, to keep track of my thoughts and ideas I have my inspiration books. Simple, black journals with plain blank white pages - a canvas just waiting to get filled up with art, thoughts, color, anything that triggers a spark in me. I tear out of magazines, I glue in notes from people, make notes about films I've seen, or quotes I like, I sketch little ideas. Whatever gives me food for thought. And then I can look back at any time and recycle an old idea, or remember one that lay dormant. Here are some sample pages.

I started these books in 2004, after seeing a journal my friend Bob kept of his news clippings, interests, music...whatever. Ours are quite different, but that's what makes his unique, and what ultimately inspired me to make one of my own. Thanks, Bob (but I still don't believe you know how to make a rhubarb pie). Perhaps this entry will inspire you to make a journal for yourself as's really quite satisfying.

These are pages from a more recent 2006 journal. My color palette has shifted from bright, 60's oranges and greens and mellowed into softer blues, grays and spots of yellow. Kind of like a gray day at the beach and then you come across a sunflower out of no where (wow, I'm getting really badly poetic). Anyway, you may see the difference...subtle changes.

*Quote attributed to Robin Williams.

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M. L. said...

In high school, we had to keep journals for art class. We also used the journals with the black textured covers and blank white pages, and the idea was that we were supposed to use it to record our ideas. I've tried to maintain that practice over the years but without much success. I keep a writing journal but looking at your pictures makes me realize how much I miss the visual aspects of journaling and also the spontaneity that can go into it. Thanks for the inspiration.