Tuesday, July 4

Happy Indie Day

We made a serious, important, you might say critical decision to start the Independence Day festivities early...say on Monday night. What the heck? Tuesday seemed too far away. So I threw a little Fourth of July dinner soiree with some fun friends. As opposed to not-fun friends, of course. Helen decorated and Joni made righteous and liberal (non-GOP) cupcakes (with a recipe from the Magnolia Bakery no less!). Joni explained she accidentally omitted two ingredients, so she might be a bit 'dense'. Oh sorry, no, she said the CUPCAKES might be a bit dense. Uh, okay. They were awesome - who doesn't love a cupcake? Yeeeaaaah Joni & Helen.

Casey arrived with vino and French rolls (quite necessary for the tri-tip sandwiches) and a rollicking good story about being pulled over by an airport-rent-a-cop. You really shouldn't mess with Casey, is all I'm sayin'. Suzanne and Rob brought some delicious Pinot Noir which we just had to drink. Didn't we? Oh, and Helen also brought a lovely Navarro rose and a mighty cab. Eszter and Dan arrived bearing yet more wine (uh-oh) and a fresh Chinook salmon filet that Dan actually caught himself out in the chilly Pacific - so nice! Thanks Dan!

Lisa brought me a beautiful good luck Bamboo, planted so beautifully in glass with little stones, as well as some chocolate toffee almonds (again, oh nooooo!).

I have very generous and kind friends - thank you all!

We had a full blown menu: shrimp and avocado ceviche and mango salsa & chips; roasted vegetables, corn on the cob with chili-lime butter, babyback ribs & bbq sausages, and tri-tip sandwiches with creamed horseradish dressing. And then the amazing liberal cupcakes. Yummy. I believe a good time was had by all. At least the recycle pile of empties made it appear as though we had! We finished the evening with fancy sparklers which made for some very trippy art. No hallucinates involved, I swear. Just the vino...Happy Indie Day everybody!

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