Sunday, July 2

How to Top Off Your Day in Alameda- Tillies, sillies.

For the post-flea market hunger pangs, I strongly suggest Tillie's Diner. Tillies on Webster - the old, main drag in Alameda. And no offense, if you happen to actually live in Alameda, but people, it's a little weird here. I know there's nice spots, the historic Victorian districts - but we couldn't help wondering, where the heck are they? Tillies is a safe haven from the freak show going on out there. Excellent, diner. Excellent home style cookin'. Barney Fife would definitely eat here with Andy. 'Cause that's kinda what Alameda's like - Andy of Mayberry on Sanka. Or downers. While we waited for our table (yeah, it's that good that you gotta wait) a woman said to us "That buzzing sound you're hearing is probably my hearing aid." Huh? Yeah, uh, okay. And then there's the maternity shop Helen pointed out down the street : 'Fashion After Passion'. Wow. Anyway, Tillies is good - in that greasy spoon kind of way. Big old slabs of hash browns, gianormous ice tea's, waffles and pancakes, hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, amazing patty melts. You walk a lot at the flea market, so some of this consumption is justified. But you're gonna need another walk afterwards. Really, you do. They've got gumball machines, and tootsie pops for 25 cents (in case you haven't yet achieved your calorie intact for the day) and they spell the soup of the day 'Clam Showder'. It's special - trust me. Go to Tillies.

Oh...and somewhere to walk to. Just down the street is the 99 Cent Store. Fabulous. Great stuff. But really ugly place, so here's a nice picture of the pony you can ride outside.

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melba said...

Hi. I found your blog through Verukas Dolls Land.
I read your posts. You made me laugh.
And I love your about profile...
I kept shaking my head in agreement.
For a long time I was caught in the corporate world and now my whole life has shifted.
I love how blogging is exposing that not everyone wants what mass media is trying to feed us.