Friday, July 21

Mixin' & Matchin' at the Repro Depot.

If you've never checked out ReproDepot , it could very well be time you did. Besides the fact they already have low prices and great selection (wow, I just sounded a little bit too much like a used car salesman, and they're so not deserving of that!), they very often have amazing sales. And they're having one now. They have fun modern fabrics you can order online by the yard from designers like Amy Butler, Marimekko, Munki Munki as well as tons of vintage reproductions from the 20-30's, 40-50's, 60-70's etc. It's also a great resource for sewing patterns, ribbon, rick-rack, buttons and handmade gifts. I got a great pattern for a messenger style bag that I'm going to sew up in some vintage tablecloth fabric and add a modern twist to it with some wide whale corduroy. So check it out...and get your craft on! Here's a fun sampling of some fabrics I took a stab of mixing up:

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Sydney said...

What a fabulous resource, thanks for brining it to our attention! I've already placed a t-shirt and toy order (for a friend's baby shower). If only I knew how to do something useful, like sew!