Sunday, July 23

What's green and is for green and is good green, too?

It's a tricky little riddle, isn't it? Well, gentle readers, I'll clue you in: it's the Twist & Spout garden pourer by Fred! You take your recycled water and soda bottles (this is the 'good green' part) and your brand new Twist & Spout (this one just happens to be the color green, but they're available in red, blue & orange as well) turn them into useful watering bottles for your garden and house plants (this is the 'green-green' part), just with a simple twist of a cap. Please, allow me to illustrate:

You take your average run of the mill, recycled, soda bottle like this one (I prefer clear, but go nutty and use a colored bottle for added funkiness!), and peel off the hideous label:

Get yourself the handy-dandy Twist & Spout. They're available here , as well as many other places. This site charges $10.99, but I got mine for $5 at Liege in San Francisco.

Twist off the soda bottle cap, replace with the Twist & Spout, and poof! You've got yourself a great little watering tool. I love the stylish, modern look; plus it feels really sturdy in your hand and is very functional.

So, get some green, green for your green. Whew.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I love it! Another thing I look at and think "why the heck did I not invent that?"

Thanks for the great ideas and a super fabulous blog.

Dawn Marie