Wednesday, September 20

Road trip. Without ever leaving home.

One of my favorite San Francisco modernist shops is the lovely Friend. Located in the ever expanding and re-inventing-itself Hayes Valley, Friend is carrying a great line of accessories designed by Sukie.

I really dig these screen printed travel motif pillows. They're printed on 100% cotton canvas with a soft, cushy duck feather filled cushion. They come in two styles - a faux trip to NYC's Central Park, or if you're more in the mood for hitting the highway on Route 66, this vintage gas station is probably going to suit you just right. Size is a nice 20" x 20".

I can see either one of them looking really cute in a funky chair like this. Or how about decorating your Airstream trailer (should be so lucky to have one)?

These Sukie travel journals contain a mixed selection of lined, plain and squared paper for drawing and writing. They also have glassine pockets (I love glassine!) and brown envelopes sewn into the binding which you can use for collecting all kinds of fun, inspirational finds and memorabilia. And each book is beautiful silk screen printed by hand. They measure a convenient purse-carrying size of 5.5"x8". Just right for dreaming up your next holiday.


Robert said...

Those pillows are great. Kind of reminds me of these WPA Era posters...

By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943

Sez Rob, a Flickr contact.

sfgirlbybay said...

You're right! Thanks for the link.