Wednesday, September 20

What a Steel. I mean Steal!

I was just perusing the Fall West Elm Catalog when I stumbled upon this super cool Steel Cable System. Now, it's supposed to be used for hanging window or shower curtains, but I think it would be a really great way to display your latest inspiration. Postcards, Flickr favs, photographs would all look really nice hung on such a sturdy and clean-lined cable above your desk, kitchen (oh, what about recipes?!) or any blank wall that is in need of an artistic lift. It comes in a brushed-stainless steel finish @ 20' long and includes 20 clips, only $29. That's enough inspiration for me. I'm going to get me one and I'm going to do it right now.


Gabby said...

This is an excellent idea for recipes and/or photos. I was unable to find out how they attach to the wall. I assume there is hardware included but it sorta looks like it could also stick to a wall. Anyway, thanks for the good idea!

DawnMarie said...

Along the same concept but for small spaces I love this magnetic rope. The link is

It is a great way to create a neat display or keep yourself organized.

Dawn Marie