Friday, October 13

Art History.

Michelle Caplan's
passion for the art of collage, brings to life families' photographic history and personal stories. Her collage portraits tell the story of the person behind the image. I like looking at them because each time I look closer I see something new which makes me feel as if I know the person a bit better, but still wish to know more. They just evoke a lovely feeling of history and a desire to continue the tradition of family genealogy, but in a much more artistic and interesting way.

Michelle mostly works from found photographs, but she also does commissions for people wanting to create more personal portraits. Michelle says, "It is these collaborative projects I find to be the richest with discovery because they are driven by real life, and not just my imagination. A glance at a wife through the husbands eyes. Capturing a family member at any given milestone. I get to know people and their passions, while creating one of mine. What could be more fulfilling?" Sounds like a fun and meaningful collaboration to me.

Michelle's work is available at her online shop on etsy and you can view more of her beautiful collages on her website. If you'd rather meet the artist in person you can find Michelle at the infamous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, as well as at her upcoming show at the Felt Club in Echo Park on Nov. 12th. And on top all of that, she is going to be featured in the November issue of Real Simple magazine as one of four women in an article about preserving family history. Wherever you choose to view her work, it'll be a really nice walk down memory lane.

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decor8 said...

I absolutely love Michelle and own 3 pieces from her. They are all so lovely!

If anyone is reading this and wondering, "Hmmmm... Should I look into this artist for a possible commission pieces?" My answer is YES YES YES!