Friday, October 13

Today on Apartment Therapy SF.

My new column on discovering the thrill of flea market finds begins today on Apartment Therapy San Francisco. It's going to be an on-going column where I provide design, style and thrifty shopping tips.

Today's column is Design Board: '40's Finds at the Flea Market. I'll mostly be covering flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops around the bay area, so if you're in need of the inside scoop, check it out Fridays on Apartment Therapy San Francisco. Thanks for reading!


Asli said...


It's great that you're writing at AT! I loved the piece on Nest.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Victoria.

Just catching up (was in Hilo for a week, got back Monday) -- and I wondered about flea markets and furniture... or textiles in general.

Obv. if you buy something secondhand, you have to clean it. But I've always been reluctant to consider buying furniture (like chairs, sofas, anything upholstered) secondhand, probably cos I'm half-Japanese (ha ha) (that whole cleanliness thing). I would never even consider a mattress (!!), for instance.

So my question is... how do you clean furniture you've bought secondhand (or, god forbid, dumpster dive-found) (I know! It's my mother's voice forbidding me to even look in the direction of a dumpster, much less into it!), especially with the resurgence of bed bugs? Know what I mean?

(And I'm the one who lives in a renovated whorehouse studio (in South City). Ha. It's respectable now, it is.) (Hee.)