Friday, October 6

For Casey.

My very good friend Casey has had some sad news today...her mother is very ill. I'm sort of at a loss of how to help her right now, as she is back east at her mum's side. I just thought I'd post this amazing portrait she painted of Cooper, my dog. If you knew him, you'd see how much she captured him. I just wanted to share something of her, wish her well and let her know I'm here for her. Lots of love, girl.


Anonymous said...

Terrific portrait, as I know from the photos you post of Cooper.

My best thoughts for your friend in this time with her mother. - - - Ter, ex-Alamedan

sfgirlbybay said...

Thank you Ter - that means a lot.

DawnMarie said...

You are a wonderful friend for keeping her in your thoughts. It is hard to feel so helpless when our friends are in need. I love the portrait. She is very talented.


Vanesa said...

Hi- any news? I re-found your blog spot b/c I have not heard from MD in almost 2.5 wks. Holler when you have a moment.
My best to Cooper.