Thursday, October 5

Tomorrow's the big day.

My very first weekly column begins tomorrow on Apartment Therapy San Francisco. I'll be honest, it's probably not that big a deal but I am pretty excited. This blog and writing and taking photographs for it, is pure joy and gives me a big feeling of purpose. Once again thanks to all the loyal, new readers that have enjoyed this blog. It means a lot to me and I am very appreciative. I've also met a really great, talented bunch of people through here, so blog on - it's really fun. And remember, normal is overrated. Just be true to you and your style just evolves. Oh, man, getting sappy, sorry. Time to go.



Sydney said...

Congrats on an auspicious debut! I love Nest; you did a wonderful job in capturing its essence (I'm sure the owners are very pleased with you right now).

When will your next piece appear? Will they be scheduled regularly, or will it be more along the lines of schedules permitting?

lisa said...

Aww. Good for you, Victoria!

I got hooked on AT when I stumbled across the Coolest Small Apts contest (results) about a month ago. (I live in a square 260 sq ft apt.) (Don't even get me started on... decorating.) (It's dog chase tail!)

I saw your apartment and was jealous (in the good way!) that Herb Caen used to live there. My 2-storey apt bldg was renovated just before I moved in about 8 months ago, and the ground floor commercial space used to be a Mexican tranny nightclub, and the studio apts above it used to be... where the prostitutes lived. Yeah. So.

I've been trying to find info about the nightclub, but... nada.

Anyway, I'm addicted to AT, and I read your blog, too, and I like your photos, and I'm actually leaving a comment to congratulate you on your column at AT! YAY for you!

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks you guys for the words of encouragement! The plan is that I have one column a week (Fridays) and two a month will be features on stores in the bay area (like Nest); and the other two will be tips on flea marketing - so look for that one next Friday. It's so much fun!

Lisa - sounds like you've got good 'sexy-karma' there! Any history is great! Sometimes the California Historical Society has info on older SF buildings. You could try there - I think it's on Mission near SFMOMA. Good luck!