Saturday, November 4

Bravo, Bravo.

Oh man, just when I've cancelled the cable and stopped watching so much TV, Bravo TV had to go and do it again. The fabulous Todd Oldham, DIY designer and personal hero of mine, has been named the host of Bravo's all-new interior design competition series Top Design.

They've also named three amazing judges to critique and vote for each Top Design, including lead judge Jonathan Adler, who will be joined by Margaret Russell, Editor In Chief of Elle Decor Magazine, and L.A. interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Production begins this month in Los Angeles on ten episodes of 'Top Design'," which is scheduled to premiere in January 2007. Good thing, now I can hold off on the cable 'til after the holidays!

I will be so very, very addicted! But the big, big question on my lips is:

Who will be our Tim Gunn? They'd better make it work, people! Make it work!


kstyle said...

Hi Victoria,
Just discovered your blog via poppy talk. Love it. And thanks for the heads up on Design show. I'm going through Project Runway withdrawal so will be nice to have this to look forward to. Grew up in Burlingame just south of SF. Will be back to visit often. k

sfgirlbybay said...

Hi K,

Thanks so much - I just checked out your blog and it's lovely! Thanks for reading.I'll check into yours often!

Stefi said...

Love your blog as well, I found you through flickr.

When will this show air? I look forward to getting addicted to it.

becky said...

I've worshipped Todd since Todd Time on MTV's House of Style. I can't wait for this show - it will have to be a million times better than Design Star on HGTV - that was awful! I think they randomly pulled 10 shoppers out of a Rooms To Go and called them designers.

noisy_penguin said...

Just in case you end up not getting cable, most of Bravo's popular shows are available for download on iTunes for $1.99 an episode. =)

Erin said...

Hi Sanfran girl,

Love your blog, and love your style. I've started a new wiki for Top Design ( If you get a chance to watch the show (maybe you can hijack a neighbors cable?) then I'd love for you to contribute... Maybe you can just give Top Design fans interior design tips and tricks? Also, if you throw a link to the wiki, I'll throw you a link. Let me know:)
erin at

nikki said...

Hi Everyone,

Like all of you guys I am a huge Top Design fan, I can't get enough of the decorating shows. Anyways I wanted to share the wealth and let everyone else know that I just found out about this great online show. I watched last week. It is on at 11 live after top design on and it has interviews with the contestants.