Monday, November 6

Everyone Loves A Picnic.

Sometimes shopping is no picnic. Parking in the city is tough, prices can be high, and service just isn't what it used to be. But in this case none of that applies. I was on a Saturday stroll in Russian Hill with Mr. Coops when we came upon Picnic, this fun and funky little shop that's kind of hard to define. Part stylish fashion, part vintage thrift.

It's fashionable and unique, with all sorts of great handbags, messenger bags and local designer clothing. But the prices are far from designer. That's the other unexpected thing about Picnic. And among all the stylish, but simple styles are one of a kind vintage alphabet letters, small pieces of vintage modern furniture, pillows and retro accessories and artwork.

The girls that work there are lovely and helpful, as well. They even let Mr. Coops inside while I browsed the cozy store. This whole neighborhood seems to be having a bit of a revival, so take a Saturday stroll through Russian Hill's Polk Street and check out Picnic and some of the other cool shops that are popping up. You can even bring your dog!


Anonymous said...

I love it. I wish I lived in San Francisco, just to go to that store and to those flea markets you attend. I love mid century Furniture. Thank you for show me a part of S.F that that I ignored before.

sophie thrifting girl said...

Another cool shop, thanks Victoria.

Anonymous said...

so, literally earlier today i was talking to some friends about how i wish i knew where the good flea markets and stores are around here. and here i find your wonderful blog with wonderful places to go and things to see.

this store seems awesome - thanks for the heads up!