Tuesday, November 7

Martha on acid.

Brilliant and comedic wack-job Amy Sedaris is out with her very first publishing effort, I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence.

Amy Sedaris comes to the domestic aid of her readers with entertaining hostessing tips collected from her mom, Girl Scouts, waiting tables, bartending school and other unlikely sources. Amy also includes truly unique ideas for theme parties, craft projects (primarily made from old pantyhose), party advice and retro-fabulous recipes, including her "personal jackpot recipes" for such fabulously named dishes as 'Chicken of the Taverns.'

Yes, there is a virtual cornucopia of valuable tips and recipes for entertaining, but it's the way Amy presents them that's hilarious, and yet, strangely useful. You'll love Amy's retro style and deadpan mockery of the 60's. The Sedaris family (including her brother David) seems to have the leading edge on finding the humor and absurdity of life. And just wait 'til you find her secret pin-up poster! It's quite the bonus 'gift with purchase.' (And, yes, that is a bong. Not that I would know what one looked like.)

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Funky Finds said...

she is such a riot! i saw her on martha...i think she kind of blew martha's mind! those pics are hilarious, too