Sunday, November 19

Grey Gardens at The Castro.

I received an anonymous tip on one of my posts today that they are screening one of my all-time favorite films this week. Grey Gardens and a new film, The Beales of Grey Gardens (made up of precious edited footage from the first movie) are playing at The Castro Theatre in San Francisco. If you've never seen Grey Gardens, a cult classic film by Albert and David Maysles (I blogged about it in a previous post), the Castro Theatre is the perfect venue to view it. Apparently the films have been making the rounds and just played in New York City. Showings in SF at the Castro are on the 21st and 22nd, this Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, so make your plans now and get there early.

Built in 1922, The Castro Theatre is one of the truly original, grand theatres; so many of which are torn down these days to be replaced by mini malls. The Castro's interior is very diverse. You can see Spanish, Asian and Italian influences. The auditorium seats over 1,400 in a art deco setting that is both lavish and intimate. There's even an organ player! The Castro is known for playing vintage and kitschy classics. A group of friends and I went to see Valley of the Dolls here and had such a blast. So if you are going to this double feature, you'll get to view two amazing films, and the grandeur of a beautiful old movie house all in one evening. What a great night of inspiration.


Tonia Conger said...

I recently watched Grey Garden and realized that I'm just one bad experience away from being one of the Eddy's So very frightening and yet more mesmerizing then I imagined.

Another similar movie? Brother's Keeper. Only this time, it's crazy brothers from upstate NY.
Enjoy. said...

tonia - i may be right there with you! i'll check out brother's keeper - thanks for the tip!