Wednesday, May 9


I know sfgirlbybay isn't a fashion blog, however, while lounging about our stylish homes, we should look good, too, right? I am thinking about getting one of these fun Neighborhoodies that reads "i "heart" eames". What would yours say?


Anonymous said...

Whenever neighborhoodies comes up I feel that I have to share my experiences with them. I have some neighborhoodies products that I love and that worked out really well, but I have also had more than one really really awful customer service experience with them - getting orders wrong and never fixing them or returning my calls/e-mails, paying a lot of extra money for rush orders and not having them come for weeks and then not being refunded the rush fee, etc. When it works out their products are great, but when it doesn't . . . it kind of sucks. All of my bad experiences were about two years ago though, and I haven't ordered from them since, so hopefully they've fixed this problem? Their stuff *is* great though.

rena said...

eeep. well i haven't gotten one but theoretically mine would say Kernel Panic. but i am a big ol' computer geek. also it sounds like the latest hipster band, doesn't it?

Tammy said...

My husband, my two-year-old and I all have Neighborhoodies, and we love them. They say, respectively:

East Side

In my husband and toddler's cases, these are nicknames. In my case, it's our 'hood.

The quality of the hoodies and the stitched-on appliques is excellent, and in two out of three cases, the customer service was also excellent. In one case, though, the hoodie didn't come for weeks, and no one replied to my emails. It did finally arrive, and I'd definitely still order from there (though I wouldn't count on their "rush" service).