Wednesday, May 9

One of those good things.

I was perusing Jon's great blog, Happy Mundane (gosh, I love that name, and his blog!) when his post reminded me I'd really thought this a good idea, too. In the current May issue of Martha I quite like this idea of stamping the edges of your books. It's a nice way of personalizing a gift, as well as identifying your own books. If you've ever loaned out a favorite book to share something special you'd read, and then never gotten the book back, you'll know why it's kind of a good idea to do this. But this is a little less hardcore than writing your name across the inside front cover in bold, indelible ink. The lovely stamps are bound to remind your friends that this book is yours, right? Oooh, but then there's the possibility they'll love the way the book looks so much, they'll never give it back. Hmmm, problematic...but probably still a nice idea.


JustAnotherDay said...

Great idea! What a great way to spruce things up on the shelves!

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful all stacked together, great idea!