Tuesday, December 26

In Memory of Missy Mooney

My dear friend Casey's mother, Missy Mooney, lost her graceful battle with cancer early this morning. She was surrounded by her lovely children, long-time friends and dogs Beastley and Fang. Casey, (pictured above) your mom did good making a friend like you for me and all the rest of us who love you. We're here for you, girl.


kate (pm) said...

I am very sorry to read about Casey's mother's passing. I remember when you posted about her being diagonsed. I lost my wonderful father to cancer a few years ago after a brave, but quick, battle as well.

Casey's name had seemed vaguely familiar to me. When I saw sidewayz8's post, I realized it is b/c I work at the NY office of Casey's agency.

My thoughts are with Casey and her family.

sfgirlbybay said...

Kate - thank you so much for your thoughts. I will pass them along to Casey, as well. I'm sorry about your father - I know Casey will appreciate your sentiments.

When I spoke to her last she told me they were to bury her mum in her favorite Eddie Bauer plaid, flannel jammies and bunny slippers. So fantastic. We were able to have a good laugh about that.

modmom said...

cancer sucks!