Wednesday, December 27

North Beach

Coop are I were taking one of urban hikes through the City yesterday and ended up in North Beach, San Francisco's own Little Italy. I was looking to make a first time visit to Mixed Use Modern, but alas they are closed on Tuesdays. More on their shop later because I'm dying to check it out. I love North Beach, its funky little shops, City Lights Bookstore (home to beatniks like Jack Kerouac) and more Italian food choices than you possible need, all nestled beneath Coit Tower. And it smells so good - lots of Italian spices in the air. I took a couple snapshots to give you a feel of the old Italian neighborhood. Go check it out, and wait until you're hungry!


kiminottawa said...

those pics of your little italy are amazing - dare i say frame-worthy!!! good job!

marielle said...

I love walking around North Beach - despite the tourist element, and the frat-boy element on weekends, it's still such a great place. I've taken some almost identical shots to yours :)