Tuesday, March 13

It's Susie Homemaker Time.

I'm so excited! My Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing has arrived! I pre-ordered this book the minute I heard about it but had forgotten about it, so it was a nice surprise to come home to. I have been a big fan of Lotta's for a long time now. I was able to interview her once a few years ago when she graciously agreed to be my first 'victim' when I was assigned a real live interview in a writing class I was taking. She was as charming as you might expect. I am so happy she has come out with this book - Lotta is the epitome of simple elegance and the patterns and designs in her book are equally as simple, chic and uncomplicated.

Lotta has included patterns for tote bags, aprons, lots of organizational storage pieces and many other great projects (24 in all). Each project has step-by-step instructions, her signature lifestyle photographs, inspiring design ideas, and helpful, hand-drawn how-to illustrations. It's time to choose my first project!


modmom said...

hi sfgirlbybay!
your blog looks great!
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the new blogger does that to me too.
i gotta check your blog more often,
i'm an sfbay girl too :)

sfgirlbybay said...

hi modmom!

thanks! it has had vanishing pics before. errrr! the pic is back now! :)

i love your little orange icon.