Tuesday, March 13

Where to Reside.

I came upon Boston's mid-century modern furniture shop, Reside, while reading about Swedish blogger Red House's weekend outing in Cambridge. This is one amazing collection of interesting, quality mid-century pieces at some of the most reasonable prices I've seen, by some of the era's greatest designers. Like Hans Wegner, Mies van derRhoe and Paul McCobb, to name just a few. I've contacted Reside to find out about their shipping policy. In the meantime, I think Reside is worth an East Coast road trip.


Katie said...

I am loving that green couch! And the long coffee table. Okay, I'm loving everything. Droooool!


Anonymous said...

I grew up with this type of furniture, as my parents are Danish. When I think of what we threw out years ago, I could cry. BUT, I kept the dining room table, which is a real vintage look. Very nice representation of this style you have!

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks katie and susan!

susan - my folks had tons of danish modern, too. i keep telling my mum she really blew it when she got rid of it! :)

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky, but Reside is actually in Cambridge - not Boston, altho we do appreciate Boston as one of our larger suburbs in the greater Cambride area ;-D.

Reside is a fabulous place to get lost and wander and imagine what your house would look like if only you had the space for all this fantastic furniture!

If you're on this side of the river you might also try 20th Century Provenance as well as Marimekko (the only one in the US)

Anonymous said...

as a cambridge resident who seeks out mid-century modern, reside is a nice place, but absolutely not worth an east coast road trip. it is small and a little snotty. cambridge/boston are great; reside is a little something on the side.

sfgirlbybay said...

oooh - we don't like snotty. a lot of design showrooms can be like that too.

keep in mind that you, as a consumer, are the profit, and they as employees are the overhead. you matter most and if you remember that it sometimes helps with the 'attitude' issue.

Anonymous said...

Me too! that green couch is beautiful. Who is the designer? Where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

The sofa is a Poul Volther Teak sofa...just gorgeous! You can see it on their web site http://www.resideinc.com.

I'm really surprised to hear that someone would find Reside to be snotty. Pamela, the owner is wonderful, and the furthest thing from snotty.

I recommend anyone in the Boston area to check out Reside. They have wonderful pieces at affordable prices, and the best thing is that inventory is constantly changing so everytime you go there is something new to drool over!