Wednesday, March 28

Nomade Hotel.

Not exactly furniture, not just a box. The 'Hotel' Box designed by Pure Nomade can really work hard as both. They can be stacked, up to ten high, or perhaps long and low as a horizontal room divider, or even lining the floor of a really nice looking closet. We probably all need better looking closets. Designed by Lilian Adler and her partner Søren Berg, these little hotels rock. Bright colors and patterns (there are solids, too), with fun geometric shapes and die-cut windows, they'll accommodate accessories, books, shoes - whatever you love and like to display. And they really look and work great as a chair or bed side table. Fun and functional, they come flat - you pop them open add a couple rubber bands, and instant hotel. Perfect for just about any kind of guest. Check in and check 'em out.


** Terramia ** said...

Wow, these are really something! I was captivated by these when I first saw them in ReadyMade and Cool Hunting way back in October, and I forgot how fantastic they are!
There are 16 amazing patterns, and the designs are constantly evolving. I found the best selection can be viewed at
Super cool!

kstyle said...

These are really cute. Gives new meaning to the word cubby. k

Anonymous said...


Love the boxes, the are super funky!

Hotel boxes who would have thought. Should look out for them in the store.