Friday, March 30

Room and Board. Above and Beyond.

My Room & Board Modern slip covered sofa arrives tomorrow and I can't wait! Some of you may have noticed some of the negative comments being posted a few posts back when I first shared about my exchange from the Jasper to the Modern. Well, as it turns out, those comments were being made by a disgruntled employee at Room and Board. When it was discovered, I was contacted by R&B customer service right away and they put my mind at rest. They, as they always have, give excellent service, have a more than fair exchange policy and overall, are a really nice company to deal with. So if you had any concerns about those snarky comments, you can rest your pretty little heads. All is well at Room & Board. I can't wait to grab a book, light a fire and plop down on my new Modern.


Anonymous said...

Well, after all that, I sure am looking forward to seeing the photos once the Modern is in place!

Anonymous said...

We have two of their sofas, and we just absolutely love them. Their service is awesome!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the endorsements. i'm currenly sofa hunting and good service is almost as important to me as quality. sounds like R&B has both.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to read updates on the sofa. i'm really looking forward to buying furniture from RB, and your experience is making me very impatient to place my order.

marbargarbo said...

I love the modern. I have one in Fawn.