Friday, March 30

Social Climbing.

Today on Gold Digger's blog they have a crazy-good post on this Omotesando climbing wall. It brings new life to exercising. I actually might have a glimmer of interest in actually climbing this wall just to check out all the cool elements it's made up of. You probably thought this was part of my obsession with white, but this is actually a fancy Toyko gym designed by Yanko Design and and Oki Sato of Nendo.

Instead of the usual outdoorsy climbing wall, they came up with the idea of using interior design elements like picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, bird cages and flower vases to create a challenging wall with hard-to-find holds in the hopes that this Omotesando-style climbing wall "inspires newcomers to try out the sport, and starts a new wave in fitness with style." Really brilliant. And gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing, Gold Digger.


Anonymous said...

this is so cool--if I ever go to Tokyo, I want to climb this wall!

Lori said...

i love their climbing gear. nothing like climbing in a short straight skirt ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Why didn't I know about this a month ago when I actually were in Tokyo?! Brilliant idea and their climbing gear are fantastic ;)

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, that is really gorgeous.

Eric R. Rickert said...

thanks for the holler, girlfriend. and that chagall print is to die.